The New Approach To Design

Principles of wellness focused design

It’s all interlinked


We all want to live in a place that is welcoming and comfortable. But in our modern world with mass production, compact living, and busy schedules, beauty and comfort are not enough. We need to think about our health and well-being.

A new kind of design recognizes the impact of our environment on our lives. It brings  the focus back to YOU.


We spend more than 90% of our time in buildings. Our home is where we unwind and regain our strength, where we gather with loved ones, share laughter, where we build memories. It’s where we can be ourselves.

It affects who we are, and who we become.

When our space is organized and works well, we do things efficiently and save time. When our surroundings are comfortable and in tune with our natural rhythms, we sleep well and regain our strength. When there’s harmony and beauty, it lifts our mood and we can show up feeling great. When our home is healthy, we can thrive.

When it’s not, we suffer.



We combine the principles of good design with the fundamentals of healthy living for a total transformation.


principles of design elements of wellness


Changing the surface is not enough. You need to go deeper

At In Form Design we look at the whole picture.

When we do that, you can show up:


-On Time


-Well Rested

-In Good Shape




An delightful, organized & efficient environment = delightful, organized & efficient mind

Does your home do this for you?

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