We can’t thank you enough for all of your help with the house! We are so incredibly happy with it! It’s so lovely we’re pinching ourselves.

Melissa H.

Thanks very much for the beautiful kitchen design. The process has been extremely helpful in clarifying priorities and possibilities. We would not hesitate to recommend you to others, as we have already done…It has been a pleasure working with you and seeing creativity genius and expertise in action.

Scott S.

I worked together with Mia professionally and was so impressed with her ability to use space creatively and thoughtfully with her client’s needs in mind. She communicates timelines and next steps clearly and give her full attention to each client and all of the details of their project. She also works very well with contractors and other vendors involved in the project – a team player with her client’s best interest at the forefront of everything she does.

Sarah S

Thank you again for all your help, patience and great guidance pulling all of this together for us, Mia!

Michelle M.

Mia is an interior designer who is passionate and committed to each of her clients and their projects. She can listen intently, grasp your vision, and integrate them with her creativity, expertise, and resources. She has a flair for space, color and décor, a great sense of style, and a keen eye for detail. She is personable, incredibly talented and has first-rate customer service!

Heidi JvR

I just love how everything is coming together! You’ve done a phenomenal job!

Melissa H.

We used Mia in a consulting capacity. She helped us have a vision for our kitchen and continued to support our design by answering MANY questions as we made decisions throughout our project. She went beyond what we expected!

Sandy T

Loved working with Mia! I’ve been doing little projects on my home and I was struggling to figure out how to add a master bath and walk-in closet to my master bedroom. Mia tailored the scope of the project to just what I needed, and I love the plans she came up with. Thanks, Mia!

Marianna W.

Mia is fantastic to work with. Not only is she creative, professional and has the patience of a saint, she also has an ability to understand what the client wants.
Our renovations were incredibly difficult due to our landlord, but Mia handled it with great skill and amazing tolerance.
Months after the project has been completed and on different continents, Mia is still available to me for all my questions and needs.
I would recommend her in a heartbeat!

Penny G.

We engaged Mia Hannom /InForm Design at the point we needed to select materials from the developer. She suggested some modifications and incorporated our ideas then oversaw construction insuring that everything went according to plan. ..Thanks to her help, we avoided delays and conflict with the developer. Mia has a designer’s invaluable sense of proportion and color. She listens and interprets very well ideas and desires. She was utterly reliable and consistently a pleasure for everyone to work with. Communication was seamless. At no point did we feel she had any interest in selling a particular item or taking a route she had taken before with another project, we always felt she had our interests and desires at heart.

Kay F.

We, at Alchemy Financial Solutions have worked with Mia for over 12 years. She has been there for us with each office move and re design and most recently in the complete destruction of our offices from a fire in the building. We have never doubted who to call, knowing once the project is handed over to Mia, it’s in her capable hands and we can continue doing what we do.

Mia’s creative flair always gives us something more than we imagined without compromising on practical design and layout. Mia has always worked within our budget even if it meant coming up with alternate solutions in order to fit in. The “look and feel” in our offices is a testament to her strong capabilities.

Dusty Bristol, Alchemy Financial Solutions

I was not only impressed with Mia’s professional approach, but also with her down to earth way of fitting in with what we were looking for, making wonderful suggestions. We never felt that she was trying to make money out of us, but rather finding ways to make us happy and fit our budget.  …It was a painless installation – from the design, to planning, solving all our problems and always having an open line of communication, reporting back during the entire project – it was a fantastic journey.

Jean Ross, Olrac SPSS

I need to also express how we feel about you and your business…. You have the perfect balance of being  methodical, financial controlling, having creative flair and brilliance and having pure spacial vision. You have always been a pleasure to deal with. Besides being a great chick, you are unbelievably professional, and have always, always delivered!!!

Thanks Mia.

Robert Adshade, Alchemy Financial Solutions

We want to say a big thank you to you, for all the hard work and effort that you put into getting our project at Magmatec House done so fantastically well. Also lovely to hear that others are enjoying the new office.

It was a pleasure meeting you, and dealing with you for this renovation.

Mike and Pam D.

Thanks Mia, you have done a great job of managing this for us..

Joanne S.

Wow! We so love the table and would like to thank you very much for your excellent trouble shooting.

Thanks also for the suggestions and your excellent work….and everyone admires what you have done to the place. Thanks so much!

Herbert P.