Your Benefit


We have the educated instinct, the experience, and know-how to take the heartache and drama out of the renovation process, and give you a great overall experience.

We help you to break the project down, take what you have in mind, and put the picture together in a harmonious way. Together we’ll find and exciting and working solution for your lifestyle and space.

Help you make informed decisions based on 20 years of experience in terms of quality, functionality, practicality, durability, trends, and technology.

Source and help you select from a vast range of materials, finishes, furniture, artwork and accessories to suit your specific needs, preferences, budget.

We see what we can re-use, repurpose, restore, incorporate. We love your stories, and we love a challenge. That’s what gives your space great character.

We can design your cupboards and furniture to fit your personality and your space like a glove. We work with a group of qualified and carefully selected specialists, craftsmen, and other professionals to manufacture and make it happen.

We coordinate different contractors, suppliers, and installers to ensure a smooth execution of the project.

We assist with purchasing of general and specific items based on your specification – here or abroad.