Teaming up with architects and other professionals means we’re combining our separate areas of expertise to offer a stronger design and better service to our clients.

Having a deep understanding of the mood and function of each room, providing detailed room plans and furniture layouts, and providing a complete schedule of finishes and fixtures ensures that:

-Interior and exterior spaces relate and compliment one another in terms of style, finishes and color
– plumbing points, light fixtures, and power outlets are positioned exactly where they are needed
– Cabinets, bookcases and other millwork are precisely designed according to the storage requirements of the client
– Any specific design detail to walls, ceilings, bulkheads, and paneling are incorporated in the design

Developers, builders, general contractors and remodelers – we love working with them, and they with us, simply because projects run so much smoother when we pool our recourses. While we put our heads together with the client to work out the design detail for their kitchen or bathroom, help sourcing fixtures and finishes, and put together a paint color schedule, the builder can focus on preparing for, and getting construction done.

When all the design detail is worked out at the time that the projects starts, and with a detailed fixture and finishes schedule, the entire construction process is less stressful – for both clients and contractors. This also ensures that:

– project cost estimations can be calculated more accurately
– the site can be prepared according to the predetermined schedule – saving time and money
– clients are more likely to get the finishes they want when materials are ordered well in time
– there are fewer disappointments because of selected items being out of stock
– there is less pressure on the client during the construction period to make rushed, last minute decisions

Most of us live in homes that need change in some form or another to make it work and feel better for us – our lifestyle, Read more and our aesthetic. The beauty is that you already know some of the answers. Working together, we will explore the possibilities of your home, finding ways to improve functionality, flow and aesthetics of the space.

Small or big, we have the experience, product knowledge, and a honed design instinct to help you figure out your space. This way:

-you’ll have a design solution, knowing what needs to be done, and a step-by step plan to get there
-we’ll coach you how to make informed decisions and product selections that are timeless
-you’ll avoid costly mistakes
-you’ll improve the re-sell value of your home
-you’ll feel great every time you walk in the door

If you first want to test the waters and see if working with a designer is for you – we have a kick-off plan that has helped many home owners the opportunity to work with a designer to help shape their ideas into a practical solutions for their homes. It’s easy, quick and great way to get expert advice. The best part is that it’s super affordable. Click here to check it out.

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