The New Approach To Design


Every space does something.

We need to make sure it’s doing the right thing.

The three goals of wellness design simplified

Your environment impacts every aspect of your life

It affects our productivity, how well we sleep, how we spend our time, and how we feel about ourselves

It shapes our ideas, and our relationships

It determines how we show up in the world, who we are, and who we become

It’s time to STOP, THINK AND ACT



When our space is organized and works well, it clears our head and we can be efficient and save time. When our surroundings are in tune with our natural rhythms, we sleep well and do better. When there’s harmony and beauty, it lifts our mood and we can show up feeling great. When our home is healthy, we can thrive.

When it’s not, we suffer.

Wellness interior design principles and tools

When we combine the principles of good design with the fundamentals of healthy living, there’s complete transformation.

In design it’s often the things that are not visible that adds quality to life



We spend more than 90% of our time in buildings. Crazy schedules, stale air, bad lighting, too little exercise, too much processed food. No wonder we are in the state we’re in.


Ignoring your environment


What is really important to you in terms of who you are, and how you show up – your relationships, your work, your health.

What is not in alignment right now. How does your environment impact these?

Visualize your dream lifestyle. How does a day look, who is around you, what are you doing?


What are the things in your environment that doesn’t work for you?

Do you have enough space, and is it well organized?

Does the layout still work for how you live, work and entertain right now?

Do you feel great when you walk through the door? Or is your home dated, dull and uninspiring?

What needs to change,

and what small step can you take today?

Organized & healthy environment = Organized & healthy mind

Does your home do this for you?


At In Form Design we look at the whole picture.

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