Room Focus

Room Focus Complete Design Plan


Room Focus is a complete solution package for the interior design of a specific room.

We’re working on all the layers to deliver a complete design – from the architectural detail, layout and  space planning, color concepts and materials selection, through detailing the finishing touches and vision boards.

If you are thinking about your dream kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in your home, and you want it to look, feel and function.

ROOM FOCUS DESIGN PLAN: 2,2840 – 5,680

Are you ready for complete peace of mind?




How to prepare for your session­

Let’s make the best use of our time together. Here are a few guidelines, no big deal – it’s really simple.


Other Options:

KICK-START Strategy Session is powerful hands-on strategy session to get quick answers, design direction for your project, and a clear action plan to make it happen

V.I.P Day is a day packed with planning, visiting showrooms, sourcing specific materials, colors and finishes, and putting it all together. All figured out and done so you can sleep peacefully.