V.I.P. Day

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To remodel, or build a new home is wonderfully exciting. But there are a ton of decisions to be made, and with the endless options out there, it is quite daunting to even know where to start, where to go for the best options, and make informed selections.

If you’re stuck with selecting materials, colors, finishes for your project, the V.I.P. day is perfect for you.

Our V.I.P day is an action-packed working day where we’ll gather information about you, your goals and your project.




– Develop a plan with materials & finishes concepts, and color palette –

– Visit the best showrooms, curated by our design department, to source specific items you need for your project –

– Put together all the different elements to see that they tell a beautiful story, that the undertones correlate, there’s continuity, flow, contrast and sufficient zing to complete the picture –

– Create a specification schedule that details out every item for you and your builder –






Our V.I.P. day is a great relief for clients, having peace of mind knowing everything is figured out.





V.I.P. Day: $1,278

Ready to move your project forward with clarity and peace of mind?




How to prepare for your session­

Let’s make the best use of our time together. Here are a few guidelines, no big deal – it’s really simple.


Other Options:

KICK-START TRANSFORMATION SESSION is where the magic starts. A powerful hands-on session to simplify and get design direction for your space. We’ll clarify your vision for you home and lifestyle, pin-point what works and what is needed, brainstorm ideas and provide you with  a clear  action plan to make it happen.

ROOM FOCUS is a complete design solution package where we attend to all the details for a specific room, from architectural details, layout and space planning, to finding the appropriate materials, colors, and finishes, and helping you to visualize the end result.

DEEP-DIVE EDIT & STYLE SESSION is a fantastic morning session where we roll up our sleeves and get down to edit, organize and style one area of your home. This is a life-changing experience