Get your interior project started with clarity and peace of mind


Our Design Strategy Session is a powerful work meeting that is packed with design ideas and expert on-the-spot advice to help you make informed decisions about your space. We systematically address all the design aspects of your home, answer your interior questions, and provide a clear plan to move your project forward.

During this time, we will do a room by room assessment to see what there is, what works, and what needs to go. We will brainstorm ideas, make recommendations, and develop a scope of work that lists every item that needs to be changed, upgraded or replaced.

We will review the order in which to tackle your project, and outline an action plan and next steps to launch your project effectively.


Our Design Strategy Session may include some, or all of the following:

• Sketched out floor plans to show cabinet layout and/or furniture placement

• Review architectural plans to make sure it is consistent with your ideas on furniture and furnishings

• A uniform color plan

• Develop your Look & Feel based on the style of the building and your own preferences

• Consider architectural improvements and future upgrades that will improve the value of your property

• A sufficient and flexible lighting plan

• Recommendations for the type, size and style of furniture and furnishings

• Guidance in terms of selecting appropriate materials for flooring, tiles, cabinets, tops, and window treatment

• A wellness assessment, and recommendations to improve the quality of air & lighting, reduce noise, amplify nature connections, and simplify organizational aspects of your home

At the end of the work session we will have accomplished an amazing amount of work, and you’ll have a tangible action plan.

From here you can decide to take it further on your own (you will receive our consultation notes, sketches and recommendations),

OR engage our team to manage the project for you (see V.I.P Services for DESIGN SOLUTION and FULL PREMIUM SERVICE).



Approximate Time: 2 HOURS

To make the most of your time with your designer, got to How to prepare for your session.


We are excited to hear about your space and your ideas.



Let us know how to reach you. We’ll set up a time to talk on the phone to make sure a Get Your Project Started session is right for you.