Snap Solution

Do you need a quick answer for a decor dilemma? Maybe you have a bland wall, complicated architectural feature, or you have a question about color, furniture, layout, or lighting.

You can spend hours on Google hoping to find an answer for your dilemma – or you can save time and get a quick solution for your specific problem with SNAP SOLUTION.

What you get

  • 30 Minute design consultation done remotely via email or phone
  • A design solution and my best advice backed by 20 years industry experience
  • Whatever visual inspiration in the form of pictures, illustrations, or raw sketches that I feel will help you visualize your solution

SNAP SOLUTION focuses on simplicity and speed. It’s a great way for you to get a working solution for the specific design dilemma you face.


 FREE (for 5 lucky readers)

(Limited sessions available per week)

You are probably the creative type who would normally not hire a designer, but currently you’re stuck and you need a second opinion.

SNAP SOLUTION is for you.

This is how it works:


  1. You send a picture – taken in natural light and without using a flash – of the area that’s causing your headache. A few shots from different angles in the room, as well as one or two close-ups will be great.
  2. Tell us what is bothering you and give us some pointers that will help us to find the best solution for your space.
  3. We will give it a good look and get back to you with some ideas and recommendations, raw sketches if applicable, visual inspirational in the form of pictures, and whatever other tools we feel might help you to visualize the solution for your space.

If your dilemma is larger than what a 30 minute consultation is going to give you – then we’ll look at a more detailed plan like a ROOM FOCUS session that will give you a detailed make-over plan.

O, one last thing – we love to hear your story, and so do other readers. Your question might be intriguing enough that I will want to share it on my blog, so unless you specifically ask for it not to be shared, I may use your story and images on these pages.


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