3 Packages for you


You might just need a quick solution, or have a design question about your space.

Perhaps your project is more complicated and involves different aspects and areas of your home.

Either way, we’ve got something here for you. We’ve simplified our services to three easy packages, but if you’re still not sure, let’s talk and find a way.


Snap Solution is 30 min online, or video consultation with a designer to answer you design question, or to help you make a decision. A 30 min online, or video conference, this is a quick and simple way to get an expert opinion to your design problem, and a plan  for your next steps.

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Room focus is a full-blown design session, and thorough assessment of your space. It is a two hour work session that delves deeper into every aspect of the room to find the right solution.

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Takes it all the way to completion with our successful 15 step Project Management Process.

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