Kick-Start Transformation Session


Our Kick-Start Transformation Session is a powerful 2-way hands-on work session that combines both HOME EDITING STRATEGIES and INTERIOR DESIGN ADVICE.

You will be amazed at what we get done during our session.




– Clarify your vision, goals and priorities for your home –
– Walk-through of the areas you want to focus on and assess functionality and layout to see what works, and what doesn’t –
– Make recommendations for furniture, finishes, layout, and lighting to create the look and feel  you’re dreaming of –
– Consider storage space, and listing micro areas to edit and organize –
– Create an action plan and to start your transformation project –
– Tackle one micro area to edit and organize, as time allows –





The Kick-Start Transformation Session is jam-packed and gives you excellent value for money. It is a fantastic way to get interior advice AND organized.

From here you can decide to move on to a Room Focus plan, or a Deep Dive Edit + Style Session.

All Projects start with a Kick-Start Transformation Session.




Are you ready to get the answer you need to move your project forward?




How to prepare for your session­

Let’s make the best use of our time together. Here are a few guidelines, no big deal – it’s really simple.


Other Options:

DEEP DIVE EDIT & STYLE is a fantastic morning session where we roll up our sleeves and get down to edit, organize and style one area of your home. This is a life-changing experience.

ROOM FOCUS is a complete design solution package where we attend to all the details for a specific room, from architectural details, layout and space planning, to finding the appropriate materials, colors, and finishes, and helping you to visualize the end result.

V.I.P Day is a day packed with planning, visiting showrooms, sourcing specific materials, colors and finishes, and putting it all together. All figured out and done so you can sleep peacefully.