interior design concept for living room update refresh with neutral sofa minotti leather chair and wood media cabinet


Our Design Consultation is a full-blast 2-hour work meeting where we assess, and systematically address all the design aspects of your home, answer questions, and provide expert on-site advice that will turn your home into a happy and beautiful space.

We will do a room by room assessment to see what there is, what works, and what needs to go. We will brainstorm ideas, make recommendations, and develop a scope of work that lists every item that needs to be changed, upgraded or replaced.

We will review the order in which to tackle your project, and outline an action plan and next steps to launch your project effectively.


A design consultation may include some, or all of the following:

• An assessment of your space in terms of Layout & Space Planning, Colors & Finishes, Lighting & Livability

• Sketched out floor plans to show furniture placement

• A consistent color plan for hard and soft finishes

• The Look & Feel based on the style of the building and your own preferences

• Architectural improvements and future upgrades that will improve the value of your property

• A sufficient and flexible lighting plan

• Recommendations for the type, size and style of furniture and furnishings

• Give guidance in terms of selecting appropriate materials for flooring, tiles, cabinets, tops, and window treatment

• A wellness assessment of the building, and recommendation to improve the quality of light, air, noise, and organization for your home

By the end of the 2-hours we will have accomplished an amazing amount of work, and you’ll have a tangible action plan. From here you can decide to take it further on your own, or engage our team to manage the project for you with a Full Premium Service.


Our standard price fo a DESIGN CONSULTATION: $420

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