About Mia


I was born in South Africa and grew up in a time when it wasn’t always easy to find things that were well-designed. My uncle was a well-known architect, and it was through him that a world of possibilities opened for me. As a child I would absorb every corner of his house, and I’m sure that it was there that my love for design and a deep sense of balance and proportion took shape. I treasure the memories of that house in Melville.

After my formal education and a few stints in Europe, I started a small design studio in the iconic city of Cape Town.

Over the years I’ve worked with wonderful people and have been involved with fabulous projects. The business grew steadily with returning clients, and new clients being sent our way.

In 2016 I moved with my husband and two children to the States. Exciting as it was, it was also pretty daunting being in a new place far away from things dear to us. I was pulled out of my familiar comfort zone and felt a little like the guy on a spinning tricycle trying to enter the busy highway. But Seattle is such a beautiful and friendly city – you have to love it. It was easy to reset and focus on what I love and do what I’m good at.

The question I keep asking is: How can I help people make better choices when it comes to color and finishes? And in the process hope to also eliminate at least some of the waste I see every day that is the result of bad choices.

For me it comes natural – I look at a space and know instinctively what needs to be done. But how can I simplify things to make good design more accessible?

With this, In Form Design took a fresh approach, making it easier to “get designed”. In addition to personal consultations and a full design service, with  SNAP-SOLUTION and ROOM FOCUS  it’s quick and simple to get an informed solution to a design dilemma.

It all starts with a conversation.

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What do I like?

In design, I like to delve a bit deeper, going beyond the obvious to find the magic spot where personality and space make magic. The fun is to discover the quirky bits, the emotional pieces, and the stories that make people tick, keep them together, and set them apart.

I like the clean lines, and light filled spaces, natural materials, sculptured pieces and earthy textures. If I can, I like to mix the unexpected and push the limits slightly to create rooms of character and verve.

If not in my studio you’ll find me somewhere in nature looking for inspiration in small things.



At In Form Design we try not to take ourselves too seriously .We work hard, we welcome new ideas, and we absolutely love what we do.


  • We rely on our experience and expertise to do the job right from the start.
  • We run our business on the principals of quality, integrity, and transparency.
  • We believe in fair pricing, and strive not to be wasteful.
  • Our goal is to consistently deliver on time and on budget.