Room Focus

This 2 hour package is designed to give you time with a professional interior designer who will guide you towards your interior dreams. The time will be divided between understanding the project and preparing your design solution. This is an on-site or virtual consultation, and includes design feedback.

ROOM FOCUS does exactly what the name says – it focuses on a specific area in your home. We are going to talk about your goals for the room, look at the different aspects of the space, consider all your options, and find the best design solution that fits your lifestyle, and the style of the house.

ROOM FOCUS is perfect for you if:

– You know something is not working in your room, but you just cannot pull it together
– You’re quite hands-on and like to experiment, but you just need that bit of something to nudge you to get going.
– You need more than what a quick question answered during a SNAP SOLUTION session is going to give you.
– Right now now isn’t the best time for you to go with a FULL FOCUS service.


This is how it works:

OPTION A: On-location Consultation within Seattle area.

OPTION B: Virtual Consultation

We’ll set up an appointment and meet at your place (OPTION A), or start our conversation via email (OPTION B).

During our session we’re going to chat about a hundred things, and you’ll have my full attention. This is your chance to ask me all your stored-up questions and spill your design frustrations.

My main objective is to get a better understanding of your style personality, and how you use your space. We’ll discuss the elements of design in your room – starting with the layout, colour, proportion, wall and floor finishes, window treatment and lighting, and look at better ways to use what you have.

After our meeting you can look forward to a concise storyboard tailor made for your room. I will interpret all the information we discussed, and add whatever illustrations and visuals necessary to explain your design direction. This will be communicated to you electronically.

From here you can choose to implement the design yourself, or you can move forward as a FULL FOCUS client. Let’s see how it goes.

Because the time on this package is limited, I may not be able to go back and forth with continuous consultations. Should you have further questions, I’ll be happy to answer them through SNAP SOLUTIONS.


How to prepare for your meeting


There is limited time for our meeting and we both want to feel that we’ve achieved something great in the end. To make the most of every minute, we both need to come prepared.

Here are some things you can start thinking about.

  • Your wish list. Often there are more than one room that clients ask us to look at. If time allows, we will. Make a list of the things you would like to change and and arrange them in order of how important they are to you. We will tackle the items on your list from the top down, and go until our time is up.
  • What’s your style? Think about the look and feel of places you like. If you haven’t started some sort of idea-book yet, do so now. It helps me to form a picture of who you are, what you like and what’s important to you. This could be pictures from the Internet or magazines, actual places you’ve seen, or a special object, fabric or artwork that you love.
  • Think about the room. How do you want to use it, what you need? What do you like about the space and what do you wish were different.
  • How far do you want to go? You probably want me to come up with some pretty awesome ideas, and my head will be spinning with possibilities. But there is no use for me to whip up grand ideas if there’s no way we’ll be able to make them happen for you. Think about your limitations in terms of budget, time and scope?

Give as much information you can think of. It makes my task easier and might save you time and money down the line.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Be conscious of our time – we have only 120 minutes, and while I can cover quite a lot, we have to be realistic.

If we come to the conclusion that your design needs are bigger than what a 120 minute ROOM FOCUS session an design plan can offer, we will reduce the cost to $220 and make arrangements for a more fitting approach.


Moodboard Living room Mid-century Modern

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