add more space to your bathroom with these pro tips

Tricks That Will Guarantee To Make Your Bathroom Feel More Spacious

No matter where I go, there’s always a small, dark or dreary bathroom lurking in the background that’s dampening someone’s mood. In fact, there’s one in my own house – an uninspiring powder room just a few feet from where I’m sitting now. In an attempt to help me figure out what do with it, […]

Kitchen upgrade open timber shelves black base cupboards white backsplash


(source) I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me into action quite like the prospect of visitors coming over. You know how sometimes a remodeling project gets shifted further and further away until eventually it’s only a vague idea and you hardly notice anymore the things that were once so obviously wrong? Until the […]

7 Secrets to Choosing the Right Color for your Walls

(Image Source) How do you go about finding the right color for your walls? When you think you need to do something about the looks of your place, painting the walls is most certainly going to pop into your head – because everybody knows painting the walls is such an easy change and quick fix […]

paint makeover bedroom with dark grey wall


(Picture source) Nothing refreshes a room like a lick of paint on the walls, right? YES! Except when you get it wrong. Because there is nothing more depressing – after all the agony, the money you spent and the drama to get it done – to end up with a room that looks worse than […]

cosy corner with chair and plants


(Source) Last week I guest-posted this article on Decorated Life. Thank you, Christine, for posting it on your blog. We recently moved countries, and I want to tell you what I did just after we moved into our new house – but I’m interrupting myself with something about the Far East first. Did you know that […]

styles mix, What's your decorating style and how to make it work

How to mix styles you love AND pull it off like a pro.

(Picture via Pinterest) I don’t know about you, but I dread that question. What’s your style? It’s so hard. First of all, it’s a weird mix of things, and then it morphs and grows all the time.  I look at my house now, and I think back to my first apartment. Wow, is it even the […]

What to do with your Low Ceiling – 5 Easy Steps

Recently I was looking for a specific light fitting for a room with a low ceiling, but I got side tracked and totally worked up with the nonsense advise I found on the internet. Bad opinions and misconceptions about what you should do with your low ceiling are abundant and sometimes shocking to say the […]

Can I afford an Interior Designer – How do I budget for it?

You’re wondering if you can afford a designer. Maybe you have an idea of hourly fees, but how much is it really going to cost you? That is an important question. And one every savvy homeowner should be asking. There is no straightforward answer to this, of course, since the nature and makeup of every […]

How to Prepare for Your First Meeting with a Designer

You are planning a project and considering hiring a designer. But you’re not entirely sure how this will work. What if you don’t like the designer?  What if it costs too much? Will the designer understand what you really want? What if the designer forces their style on you, or thinks you’ve got terrible taste? Do you really […]